About: Chris Millin

Chris is an ordained and full time Itinerant Minister dedicated to reaching the lost and making himself available to building the Kingdom around the world.

He serves as a Prophetic Evangelist and Teacher both locally and abroad.

Chris understands the heart cry of church leaders and the sensitivities involved in building impactful communities for Jesus.

In 2017 the LORD called Chris and his family to sell everything and move to Australia with a clear vision to get busy. Many effective doors have opened to spread the Gospel, including in Rural Towns and in the Outback. Revival fires are being lit in the hearts of hungry people across the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.

All for HIS GLORY !

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  • Chris is a Spirit Filled on fire Revivalist who is passionate about the Word

  • Chris functions as a Prophetic Evangelist and Teacher dedicated to serving others

  • He is an Itinerant Minister available to equip and bring Prophetic Insight to your Congregation and Leadership

  • Is married to Karen and they have two sons, Caleb and Levi

  • Ordained Minister through Sowers of the Word Church (SWC) Cape Town, South Africa

  • Started Jireh-Seed Ministries in 2009

  • Started his first Church in Cape Town, South Africa in 2014

  • He has traveled the world advancing the Kingdom of Heaven

  • Over the years he has equipped and activated many believers into faith, joy and the 'supernatural works of Jesus'

Invite Chris to come and speak at your home group meetings or church by emailing us at: admin@jirehseed.org