Through our Street Cred program, we get to reveal our Fathers Heart in a tangible, real and sustainable way that believers can implement wherever they go. Missionary Mindsets, Fixed Positions, Variable Positions, Kingdom Intent, how to get going and so much more ... we train believers as they attend our ministry outreaches on the streets, in hospitals, shanty towns, prison and many other venues in and around Cape Town. We arrange mission trips into Africa and will also travel to you across the globe to train and equip your teams in how to take Kingdom Ground for Jesus. 

In the picture below we are entering a large Shanty Town called Diepsloot, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Team was ready for action.


we train your teams

We have the privilege of working with many teams from other churches who attend our ministry outreaches. Below is a team after a very successful hospital outreach.


faces of cape town

Here are some of the many people who have been impacted by us in hospitals: