We Reach, Preach and Teach: Reaching out to those in need, Preaching the Gospel and Teaching others how to live to the fullness of Jesus Christ.

We are all worthy of the precious blood of our saviour Jesus Christ. We have been purchased at a great price, but many of us are still not living to our potential for Him.

As we minister, we get to reveal our Fathers Heart in a tangible, real and sustainable way that believers can implement wherever they go. Missionary Mindsets, Fixed Positions, Variable Positions, Kingdom Intent, how to get going and so much more ... we train believers in training sessions, home meetings, ministry outreaches on the streets, in hospitals, shanty towns, prisons and many other incredible opportunities to advance the Love of God.

We arrange mission trips into Australia and Africa and will also travel to you across the globe to train and equip your people in how to take Kingdom Ground for Jesus.

We have seen so many lives transformed as we venture out in Faithful Collaboration with our Heavenly Father. He has never let us down as we truly put our Trust in Him. Wherever we GO, we bring the 'Words of LIFE' and train believers in Kingdom Life Activation. 

we train your leaders and teams

We work with your people and give practice hands on training and activation