Bread and Heaven has become an essential way for us to display what we teach on 'Street Cred' to lead by example and allow others to collaborate with us. It's all about 'Food for the Heart' and 'Food for the Soul'. As part of our local outreach to poorer communities, we venture out to give freely in Jesus Name. We take pride in providing something for hungry tummies as well as bringing eternal Hope through His word and OUR deed. Leaving seeds of Love we inspire Hope, and ultimately FAITH is the substance of things Hoped for ...

Take what you have and do what you can ... this is to inspire all readers that you will always have something to share in Jesus Name. Bless others as you GO.


where i am, i am ! 

Our hearts have been touched by the many lives we have made smile. Be the change you want to see in the World, reach out to others, show them that Jesus loves them enough to die for them.

Be who you were called to be, where you are right now. You don't need to travel to a foreign land to be a Missionary for Jesus...


regardless, christ !

No matter what, Jesus is King. Be His hands and voice - reach out, freely you have received, now freely give...